The Second Karabakh War, or Patriotic War, which began on September 27, 2020, and lasted for 44 days, ended with the great triumph of the courageous Azerbaijani Army over the aggressive and invasive Armenian fascists; the war is etched in gold in the history of Azerbaijan and mankind.

After this glorious victory of Azerbaijan, it was decided to create a namesake collection, Karabakh, which will glorify Karabakh not only in photographs, but also in paintings and jewelry, to preserve the memorable heritage for future generations.

Inspired by the rich cultural and spiritual values of Azerbaijan, we have transferred both the historical and iconic beauties of our country to new jewellery designs. From this point of view, the main goal of the Miras-i Karabakh series, the first collection of the Miras brand, was to draw the attention of the general public to the Second Karabakh War, and therefore Karabakh became the source of inspiration for this collection.

Kharybyulbyul (Ophrys caucasica), which is the official flower of Karabakh and can be often seen on various ornaments, has now gone from being a flower and a topic for legends to a symbol of victory. The miracle of Kharybyulbyul, which you cannot find in any other country worldwide, can now be seen in jewellery, and now the collections Kharybyulbyul and Miras-i Karabakh -- adorned with precious stones -- are an example of splendour, luxury and elegance.

Although the Kharybyulbyul is the main symbol, the bullet engraved on the jewelry is particularly noteworthy. Bullets are one of the main elements of war, and when all endeavors to conduct negotiations or make peace have failed, the only way out is the use of force. For this reason, the example of beauty and grace on the jewelry - the bullet depicted with the Kharybyulbyul - has become a symbol of the will, perseverance, and courage of the brave Azerbaijani people who were not afraid to face the enemy, and did not leave the battlefield until the last drop of blood was shed, and the last bullet fired.

The Miras-i Karabakh series is certainly not the last collection of the Miras brand, and even more interesting projects await you in the future!

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